Fitbit Surge vs Samsung Gear S2

Fitbit Surge Samsung Gear S2

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristbandWristband
Price$24329$28999Fitbit Surge is 120% cheaper

Activity & Fitness

Activity Yes YesBoth track daily activity
Calories Yes YesBoth track calories burned
Sleep Yes NoFitbit Surge monitors your sleep pattern
Heart Rate / Pulse Yes YesBoth measure heart rate
Distance Yes YesBoth track your stride length
Steps Yes YesBoth track and count your steps
Stairs / Floors Yes NoFitbit Surge has built-in altimeter for elevation feature
Exercise Tagging Yes YesBoth have exercise tagging feature
Smart Coach No NoBoth don't have coaching feature
Goal Setting Yes YesBoth can help with your goals setting
Inactivity Alert No YesSamsung Gear S2 helps you stay active with inactivity alert

Additional Features

GPS Yes NoFitbit Surge has GPS support
Navigation No YesSamsung Gear S2 has onboard GPS navigation
Compass Yes NoFitbit Surge has a compass
Watch / Clock Yes YesBoth have watch
Alarm Clock Yes YesBoth have alarm clock
Reminders Yes YesBoth have reminder app
Stopwatch Yes YesBoth have stopwatch
Music Playback No YesOnly Samsung Gear S2 offers phone-free music
Weather No Yes*Weather forecast
ReportsActivity, SleepActivity

Smartphone Remote Features

Notifications Yes YesBoth show smartphone notifications
Caller ID Yes YesBoth show caller ID notification
Music Control Yes YesBoth allow control smartphone music player
Call Control No YesSamsung Gear S2 allows you control phone calls
Camera Control No NoBoth don't have camera control
Find Phone No NoBoth don't have a find phone feature


Duration7 days2 daysFitbit Surge battery life is about 3.5 times longer
Battery TypeRechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery
Wireless Charging No Yes

Physical Specs

Weather Resistance Yes Yes
Waterproof No No
IP Rating5 ATMIP68
Weight77 grams47 gramsSamsung Gear S2 is 30.0 g lighter

User Interface

DisplayLCD ScreenAMOLED
Display Size1,25 inches1.2 inches
Screen Resolution n/a 360 x 360 pixels
Color Display No Yes
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Gorilla glass No Yes*Specialized toughened glass: thin, light and damage-resistant


Android Yes YesBoth compatible with Android devices
iOS Yes YesBoth compatible iOS devices
OS X/Mac Yes NoFitbit Surge compatibles with MacBooks and iMacs
Windows Phone Yes NoFitbit Surge compatibles with a range of Windows Phone devices
Windows Yes NoFitbit Surge allows you to locate your phone
Web Portal Yes NoFitbit Surge allows you upload and view data on the online portal
Social Features Yes NoYou can integrate Fitbit Surge with social networks and share information


Bluetooth Yes YesBoth have Bluetooth data transfer technology
Wi-Fi No YesSelect Samsung Gear S2 if you need a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
NFC No YesOnly Samsung Gear S2 has NFC (Near Field Communication)
ANT+ No NoBoth don't provide ANT+ wireless technology
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Which one should you buy?

Technology has become far more advanced comparatively to a few decades ago and since then, the variety and ranges of watch accessories that can you bought have grown exponentially. There is a growing craze for smart watches and smart accessories which are also compatible with phones. Two such examples of smart gadgets which are great for day-to-day life are the Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Gear S2.

The Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Gear S2 are two smart watches which are great for daily wear. The Fitbit Surge similar to its predecessors has a seamless finish on most the band and the Samsung Gear S2 is created to look more than a traditional watch. Both wrist bands are sleek and come in a classy black shade allowing them to be wore in almost any environment be it professional or recreational. Both smart watches are touchscreen with beautiful yet uncomplicated dial designs.

The smart watches both can help track activity, calories, heart rate and pulse. They also calculate distance, steps, exercise tagging, goal setting, include stopwatch facilities with reminders. Alongside this, they have the more traditional functionalities such as watch/clock and alarms can be set as well on both gadgets. Another great thing about both the Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Gear S2 are their smartphone remote features whereby they both give notifications, have Bluetooth capability, show caller ID, allow for music control and come with rechargeable batteries. However, it must be said that there is not camera control for both gadgets or a Find Phone facility in both these models. They don’t have the facility for allowing smart coach either.

The Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Gear S2 may also be weather resistant, however, both gadgets are also not waterproof. They do have some cons, for instance, the Samsung Gear S2 doesn’t do sleep, stairs / floors, GPS or have compass features whereas the Fitbit Surge can do all of these things. Fitbit Surge also has a longer duration time and can outlast the Samsung Gear S2 by 5 days. Samsung duration is about 2 days, with the Fitbit lasting for 7. Fitbit Surge also has a slightly bigger dial and is heavier, but compatible with IOS softwares, windows and many other things like the OS X/Mac. Samsung is relatively restricted in its compatibility with no social features on the watch either. However, the Samsung Gear S2 comparatively is lighter and half the weight of a Fitbit Surge. It also does inactivity alerts, call control, music playback which the Fitbit Surge cannot.

Whilst both the models have their pros and cons, the right model for any individual is dependent on their personal needs. For instance, Samsung Gear S2 may not contain a sleep monitoring facility, however, a person who does not wear their watches to sleep may not find this particularly useful. Someone who also prefers IOS softwares and windows more may also prefer to choose the Fitbit Surge over the Samsung Gear S2. The right watch for any individual would depend on their own personal lifestyle choices, however, both models are great and carry their own advantages.

Fitbit Surge

Samsung Gear S2