Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Features

  • Activity and Calories tracking
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Distance Walked and Steps counting
  • Sleep Monitoring with Sleep Reports
  • Water Resistance (IP68 Certified)
  • Three Day Battery
  • Color AMOLED Touchscreen
  • Music Player With Storage

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Specs

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristband

Activity & Fitness Tracking

Sleep Analysis / Sleep Time
Heart Rate / Pulse
Stairs / Floors
Exercise Tagging
Smart Coach
Goal Setting
Inactivity Alert

Additional Features

Watch / Clock
Alarm Clock
Music Playback
Voice commands
ReportsActivity, Sleep

Smartphone Remote Features

Caller ID
Music Control
Call Control
Camera Control
Find Phone


Duration3 days
Battery TypeRechargeable Battery
Wireless Charging

Physical Specs

Water Resistance
IP RatingIP68
Weight63 grams
Dimensions46 х 49 х 12,9 mm


Display TechnologyAMOLED
Display Size1,3 inches
Screen Resolution360 × 360 pixels
Color Display
Touch Screen
Gorilla glass


OS X / Mac
Windows Phone
Web Portal
Social Features



Sports and Fitness Activities

Best For:
  • All-Day Activity
  • Running
  • Training
  • Walking

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has loads of features. However, different consumers have complained the fitness wearable lacks applications. Is this all it lacks or has it recently received an update revealing more usable apps let us find out.

Pros / What Customers Like:

  • Most users found setting up the Gear S3 a breeze, especially if you are a Samsung phone user.
  • Consumers found the buttons, screen, and rotating bezel well balanced.
  • One user found the speaker used in the watch outstanding and with the level 4 setting they are able to hear calls. He found answering or rejecting calls while using his voice works well.
  • One man mentioned that the speedometer and GPS work outstanding, as he tested it with the Speedometer app while traveling.
  • The majority of runners found using the watch outdoors great as the display is bright to read in sunlight.
  • Even the sleep tracking is accurate, but users found the size of the watch uncomfortable to sleep with. A client mentioned replacing the strap. This ensures the biometric sensors close to the skin and makes the watch more comfortable to wear during the night.
  • Athletes like the fact that the smartwatch has a heart rate sensor and is accurate when used.
  • While most sports users love that, the device has an IP68 waterproof rating and has internal storage with magnetic secure transmission to make payment transactions.
  • Joggers found the health tracking with the GPS radio accurate while doing trail runs.
  • Vacationers visiting abroad found the maps detailed and great as it displays streets and subway stations. The downside is the watch needs connecting to your phone to give navigation.
  • A positive all consumers like is you can download apps directly to your watch and do not need your phone to download them.

Cons / What Customers Don't Like:

  • The biggest gripe users had is using the watch with a non-Samsung phone as it takes loads of app downloads to get the watch working with the phone.
  • Hikers found the lack of automatically displaying direction to get home and the lack of alerts for important appointments displeasing.
  • Another limitation found by sports users is the lack of fitness apps as they are limited to using the S Health.


If you are an Android phone user, the Samsung Gear S3 will be for you. You can use it as a standalone device and has an exceptional design. You get an always-on display and it has the latest 4G technology. The biggest concern is it is a great wearable for going on vacation and wearing it all day. It lacks apps for fitness users and offers you the basics.


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