Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Time Steel Features

  • Daily Activity tracking
  • Distance and Steps counting
  • Sleep Tracking with Sleep Reports
  • Swim-proof
  • Ten Day Battery Life
  • Android, iOS Compatibility

Pebble Time Steel Specs

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristband

Activity & Fitness Tracking

Sleep Analysis / Sleep Time
Heart Rate / Pulse
Stairs / Floors
Exercise Tagging
Smart Coach
Goal Setting
Inactivity Alertn/a

Additional Features

Watch / Clock
Alarm Clock
Music Playbackn/a
ReportsActivity, Sleep

Smartphone Remote Features

Caller ID
Music Control
Call Controln/a
Camera Controln/a
Find Phonen/a


Duration10 days
Battery Typen/a

Physical Specs

Water Resistance
Weight116.3 grams


Display Technology
Display Sizen/a
Screen Resolutionn/a
Color Displayn/a
Touch Screenn/a


OS X / Mac
Windows Phone
Web Portal
Social Featuresn/a



Sports and Fitness Activities

Best For:
  • All-Day Activity
  • Walking

Pebble Time Steel Review

Pebble Time Steel is an activity tracker that measures sleep time and heart rate. It also calculates distance, and steps and is comfortable enough for swimming. It is a smartwatch that calculates time and allows you to set the timer for specific jobs. The smartwatch can be synced with your Android and iOS devices in a seamless way. It has a stainless steel face and a strong 10-day battery life. If you are looking for a stainless steel band to go with this luxurious looking watch then you will have to shell out more.

Pros / What Customers Like:

  • Get notifications on the move
  • The all-steel body design is waterproof but do not use a leather band if you want to swim in it
  • The body has a nice curve which lets the watch sit on the wrist
  • Great looking steel watch face
  • It has a Cortex M4 CPU

Cons / What Customers Don't Like:

  • The leather strap should be avoided because it spoils the look of the watch
  • It can do with better-looking faces
  • The screen bezel is thicker than Pebble Steel, the earlier version. It takes some time to get used to this look.


The Pebble Time Steel is an expensive watch with a great battery life and many smartphone platforms. The wristband, however, remains a problem as the steel ones are unavailable and the leather ones do not look too good. The smartwatch looks really good and is quite impressive than the others available in the market. The music controls and notifications are really useful but these can be connected using Bluetooth only which is a bit disadvantageous. The watch can be charged in less than an hour and even when the 10% battery life signals, be sure that the watch will last some more days before it is drained out.


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Expert Reviews and Ratings

  • • Expert Review by Valentina Palladino

    The $249 Pebble Time Steel is the company's most luxurious smartwatch to date, but it's a better choice for Android users. Full review

    7of 10
  • • Expert Review by Ewan Spence

    I just wish Pebble had taken more time to design a more mature version of the Pebble Time to carry the Steel designation. I look ... Full review

  • • Expert Review by Samuel Gibbs

    The Pebble Time Steel takes an already good smartwatch and adds longer battery life, a larger case and premium feel. It looks great in the ... Full review

    4of 5
  • • Expert Review by Sophie Charara

    The Time Steel is everything we’ve come to expect from Pebble - reliable, a bit geeky, easy to use - and more. It’s the best-looking ... Full review

    3.5of 5
  • • Expert Review by Эльдар Муртазин

    Цена Pebble Time составляет на сайте компании 199 долларов, версия Steel будет стоить 299 долларов. В то же время, предыдущие версии часов стоят за пластиковую ... Full review

  • • Expert Review by Andrew Williams

    The Pebble Time Steel IS the Pebble Time - read our review here - but slightly fancier, more adult and longer-lasting in battery terms. Everything ... Full review

    3of 5
  • • Expert Review by Chris Mills

    If you want a Pebble watch, the Time Steel is the one to buy. For an extra $50, you get a watch that fixes everything ... Full review

  • • Expert Review by Karan Pradhan

    If 2016 is the year the smartwatch goes from being a mere accessory to a legitimate device, it seems apt that Pebble — one of ... Full review

    6of 10
  • • Expert Review by Michael Sawh

    Improved looks and a better battery life put the Pebble Time Steel slightly ahead of the Pebble Time. However, it’s too expensive for what’s on ... Full review

    7of 10
  • • Expert Review by Martijn Rodenboog

    De basis van de Pebble Time Steel blijft toch wel het doorgeven van notificaties en het kunnen reageren daarop via het horloge. Dat kan via ... Full review

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