Garmin Descent Mk1

Garmin Descent Mk1

Garmin Descent Mk1 Features

  • Diving Functions and Sensors
  • Fitness Activity and Calories Burned tracking
  • Heart Rate monitor
  • GPS Tracking
  • Distance and Steps counting
  • Auto Sleep Monitor
  • Swim-proof (10 ATM)
  • Nineteen Day Battery
  • Color LCD Display

Garmin Descent Mk1 Specs

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristband

Activity & Fitness Tracking

Sleep Analysis / Sleep Time
Heart Rate / Pulse
VO2 Max
Stairs / Floors
Exercise Tagging
Smart Coach
Goal Setting
Inactivity Alert

Additional Features

Watch / Clock
Alarm Clock
Music Playback
ReportsActivity, Sleep

Smartphone Remote Features

Caller ID
Music Control
Call Control
Camera Control
Find Phone


Duration19 days

Dive mode: 40 hours
GPS mode: 20 hours

Battery TypeRechargeable Battery

Physical Specs

Water Resistance
IP Rating10 ATM
Weight101 grams
Dimensions51 x 51 x 17.8 mm


Display TechnologyLCD Screen
Display Size1,2 inches
Screen Resolution240 x 240 pixels
Color Display
Touch Screen
Sapphire glass


OS X / Mac
Windows Phone
Web Portal
Social Features



Sports and Fitness Activities

Best For:
  • All-Day Activity
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling

Garmin Descent Mk1 Review

The Garmin Descent Mk1 is a divers dream come true and tracks the heartbeat while under water. The watch has great connectivity with a rechargeable battery. However, is this all that the experts found great about the wearable packed with GPS navigation, depth-alarm, and the other features.

Pros / What Customers Like:

  • A highlighted feature that both divers and athletes like is the lightweight design, especially the silicon wristband model.
  • People found swapping out the wristbands great to fit in with their daily lifestyle needs. The band is easy to unclip and change to another in seconds.
  • The majority of users found connecting the device via Bluetooth easy. Furthermore, you do not need to synchronize it with a computer to set up the Garmin Connect-Account.
  • Swimmers and divers found tracking their training in one file a bonus from surface intervals, training time, to the heartbeat and more.
  • The wearable comprises alarm and notifications, and athletes found using it visually, with sound, or only vibration great.
  • Divers found the watch had everything they needed to replace their dive computer and other Fitbit devices.
  • The fitness watch, comprise fantastic programs to program your workouts according to joggers, hikers, mountaineers and the list go on.
  • The heartbeat is accurate and works according to different professional users and is a rate of one per second when on the wrist.
  • Another highlighted feature is the long lasting battery, use that is up to 40-hours in dive mode according to the experts.
  • The color display is a feature all users love as it displays maps clear to see and you can mark points on the surface using the GPS.
  • Divers found the integrated compass outstanding to use underneath the water as the GPS navigation for marking points you can only use on the surface.
  • Swimmers love the backlight as the mode provides you with up to 100% brightness under water.
  • The fact that you can connect it with your smartphone to receive notifications is great. You get information on the weather, rain, moon, and more.

Cons / What Customers Don't Like:

  • Many divers found the lack of the DYN-tables not included in the Apnea-mode a bit disappointing. However, they could view their total distance and more use it in swimming mode.
  • According to the majority of users, switching the alarms when getting out of the Apnea-mode is difficult, as you need to create a new training file.


With the lack of nitrogen saturation, the Garmin Descent Mk1 still provides you with advanced training, navigation, and fitness tracking. Another downside for many users might be the price, but according to the positive reviews, it remains a smartwatch packed with loads of functions.


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