Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition (Bip)

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition (Bip)

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition (Bip) Features

  • Activity and Burned Calories tracking
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Built-in GPS
  • Distance Walked and Steps counting
  • Sleep Tracking with Sleep Reports
  • Water Resistance (IP68 Certified)
  • Thirtytwo Day Battery Life
  • Color LCD Touchscreen

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition (Bip) Specs

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristband

Activity & Fitness Tracking

Sleep Analysis / Sleep Time
Heart Rate / Pulse
Stairs / Floors
Exercise Tagging
Smart Coach
Goal Setting
Inactivity Alert

Additional Features

Watch / Clock
Alarm Clock
Music Playback
ReportsActivity, Sleep

Smartphone Remote Features

Caller ID
Music Control
Call Control
Camera Control
Find Phone


Duration32 days

GPS mode: 22 hours
Watch mode: 4 months

Battery TypeRechargeable Battery

Physical Specs

Water Resistance
IP RatingIP68
Weight32 grams


Display TechnologyLCD Screen
Display Size1,28 inches
Screen Resolution176x176 pixels
Color Display
Touch Screen
Gorilla glass


OS X / Mac
Windows Phone
Web Portal
Social Features



Sports and Fitness Activities

Best For:
  • Biking
  • Outdoor
  • Running
  • Treadmill
  • Walking

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition (Bip) Review

The Amazfit BIP Smartwatch Youth Edition looks exactly like the Apple Watch. With its square shape and rounded corners, you see the same curved glass glistening around the bezels. You even get a crown on the right side, displays as a button, and does not spin. What everyone is raving about especially the youth is the affordable price. However, is this all that the young adults have to say about this smart watch and is there more to it.

Pros / What Customers Like:

  • The majority of users found the BIP comfortable to wear and lightweight at 31g. They mentioned that they even forgot at times that they were wearing it.
  • Another benefit is the swappable watch strap as the majority of the youth is fashion conscious. People love the fact that they can swap it with another color to fit in with their lifestyle if needed.
  • Fitness professionals loved the activity app features and packed with workouts to use with the treadmill, bike ride, run, and more. Even the GPS function works well but does take a while to connect.
  • According to expert runners, tracking their run is spot on with the BIP, and you can view your statistics in the companion app.
  • A standout feature that all users love is the heart rate tracking and even does a decent job compared against the Polar H10 heart strap.
  • The majority of youth like the fact that they can receive notifications and it is customizable, but they cannot respond to them.
  • Professional trainers adore the outstanding battery life this wearable has. One user mentioned using the watch at 46% with all features on and by the end of two weeks use, the battery was at 26%.
  • Swimmers found the IP68 water resistant rating outstanding while others raved about how they could take it with them into the shower, wash dishes and more.
  • Health and fitness users found the automatic activity tracking a great feature to keep track of their steps, calories burned and distance. The fitness tracker is spot on and easy to use

Cons / What Customers Don't Like:

  • The biggest negative for athletes is the fact that they need to press the crown to wake up the watch and gets annoying. However, it does help to reduce the battery consumption compared to tapping on the screen.
  • According to most joggers, the screen is not the brightest or visible in sunlight, making it difficult to read your stats outdoors.


If you are concerned about battery life, the Amazfit BIP Smartwatch is ideal to use. The wearable is affordable, but do not expect Apple and Fitbit functions. However, if you are a serious runner, this is not the watch for you, but is ideal if you only want to keep track of your basic health and fitness workouts.


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  • • Expert Review by Виталий Богданов

    Amazfit Bip — это довольно неплохой, функциональный фитнес-трекер с хорошей автономностью и приемлемой ценой Full review

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