Acer Liquid Leap

Acer Liquid Leap

Acer Liquid Leap Features

  • Activity/Inactivity and Calories tracking
  • Distance and Steps counting
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Splash-proof
  • Seven Day Battery
  • OLED Display

Acer Liquid Leap Specs

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristband

Activity & Fitness Tracking

Sleep Analysis / Sleep Time
Heart Rate / Pulse
Stairs / Floors
Exercise Tagging
Smart Coach
Goal Setting
Inactivity Alertn/a

Additional Features

Watch / Clock
Alarm Clock
Music Playbackn/a

Smartphone Remote Features

Caller ID
Music Control
Call Controln/a
Camera Controln/a
Find Phonen/a


Duration7 days
Battery TypeRechargeable Battery

Physical Specs

Water Resistance


Display TechnologyOLED Screen
Display Sizen/a
Screen Resolutionn/a
Color Displayn/a
Touch Screenn/a


OS X / Mac
Windows Phone
Web Portal
Social Featuresn/a



Sports and Fitness Activities

Best For:
  • All-Day Activity
  • Running
  • Walking

Acer Liquid Leap Review

This fitness tracker is Acer’s first adventure in the world of fitness. They intended to make a band which should incorporate dual functionality in its every core. It was supposed to be a mix of two new portable technologies: the smartwatch and the fitness tracker. The screen is somewhat small, the band is waterproof and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Pros / What Customers Like:

  • The battery life is sufficient when you take its functionality into consideration.
  • Acer Liquid Leap is waterproof enough to endure showers, rain and occasional submerging. Don’t try to swim with it though.
  • You can connect it with your iPhone or Android and check out your notifications directly from your wrist.
  • It tracks the basic stuff such as the distance you traveled, calories you burned, and your daily goals.

Cons / What Customers Don't Like:

  • The screen is only 0.9 inches large, meaning it can’t hold a large amount of content on it.
  • The design is not eye-catching and you probably won’t let people see it if you wear it on a daily basis.
  • It doesn’t really provide enough smartwatch features nor does it satisfy every characteristic a fitness band should possess.


Acer's effort was well-channeled but it has resulted in a fitness tracker which doesn't completely satisfy its target audience. It comes with a decent price which shouldn't put people off but it's still wise to check what exactly you are getting at that price. You will, at least, receive a good battery life and the basic functionality of both a fitness band and a smartwatch. If you are looking for more than Acer's Liquid Leap can offer, you will be able to find an alternative for the same money. It simply lacks some advanced functions in order to be special in this category.


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Expert Reviews and Ratings

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  • • Expert Review by Sophie Charara

    Light, reliable and waterproof with a battery life we can work with, the Acer Liquid Leap is practical but by no means perfect. It’s not ... Full review

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