DZ09 vs Zebronics Zeb Fit500

DZ09 Zebronics Zeb Fit500

Basic Info

Wear TypeWristbandWristband

Activity & Fitness

Activity Yes YesBoth track daily activity
Calories No YesZebronics Zeb Fit500 tracks your calories burned
Sleep Yes YesBoth can track your sleep
Heart Rate / Pulse No YesZebronics Zeb Fit500 has built-in heart rate monitor
Distance Yes YesBoth track your running/walking distance
Steps Yes YesBoth track and count your steps
Stairs / Floors Yes NoDZ09 has built-in altimeter for elevation feature
Exercise Tagging No NoBoth don't have exercise tagging
Smart Coach No NoBoth don't have coaching feature
Goal Setting No NoBoth don't have goal setting
Inactivity Alert Yesn/aDZ09 helps you stay active with inactivity alert

Additional Features

GPS No NoBoth don't have built-in GPS support
Compass Non/aBoth don't have a compass
Watch / Clock Yes YesBoth have watch
Alarm Clock Yes YesBoth have alarm clock
Reminders Yes YesBoth have reminder app
Stopwatch Yes NoDZ09 has a stopwatch
Music Playback Yesn/aOnly DZ09 offers phone-free music
ReportsActivity, SleepActivity, Sleep

Smartphone Remote Features

Notifications Yes YesBoth show smartphone notifications
Caller ID Yes YesBoth show caller ID notification
Music Control Yes NoDZ09 allows control smartphone music player
Call Control Yesn/aDZ09 allows you control phone calls
Camera Control Yesn/aDZ09 has a smartphone's remote control function
Find Phone Non/aBoth don't have a find phone feature


Duration7 days7 daysBoth are the same battery life
Battery TypeRechargeable Batteryn/a

Physical Specs

Weather Resistance No Yes
Waterproof No No
IP Ratingn/an/a
Weight50 grams25 gramsZebronics Zeb Fit500 is 25.0 g lighter

User Interface

DisplayLCD ScreenOLED Screen
Display Size1,54 inchesn/a
Screen Resolution 240x240 pixels n/a
Color Display Yesn/a
Touch Screen Yesn/a


Android Yes YesBoth compatible with Android devices
iOS Yes YesBoth compatible iOS devices
OS X/Mac No NoBoth don't compatible MAC OS X devices
Windows Phone No NoBoth don't compatible with Windows Phone devices
Windows No NoBoth don't have a find phone feature
Web Portal No NoBoth don't have online web portal option
Social Features Non/aBoth don't have social features


Bluetooth Yes YesBoth have Bluetooth data transfer technology
Wi-Fi No NoBoth don't have Wi-Fi connection
NFC No NoBoth don't have NFC connectivity
ANT+ No NoBoth don't provide ANT+ wireless technology
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